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How to make a payment / Buy credit


You can make a payment (buy credits) after you create an account (register). When you login on the website you will see the 'add balance' tab. This is where you can select an amount from the list and a payment method.

After that just click 'Next' and follow the steps to finish your payment. There is no monthly fee and the credit you buy will not expire. When the payment is successful you will see that the balance amount in the dashboard area will change. You will also get an email confirmation with all the payment details after the payment has been processed.

Problem with a payment
When you made a payment but there is a problem, please use this HELP page and choose the problem from the list under the topic 'Payment'. When for instance your credit has not been added choose 'no credit received' and then the payment method you used. Under the explanation you will see a contact button to create a customer service ticket. Make sure you enter as many details as possible. Attach a proof of payment to speed up the process.

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