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How to Send my Caller ID


We can never completely guarantee the receiving of your Caller ID due to third parties not forwarding your Caller ID. However when you experience problems with this, first check if you enabled the sending of your Caller ID and the phone number you want to use has been verified.

Checklist for sending your Caller ID

- On our mobile app
Log in on the app and click "Settings" and then "Caller ID". Here you can add and verify your phone number and set it as your Caller ID. The radio button behind the phone number you want to display needs to be selected.

- On the downloaded software (VoipConnect) on your computer. 
In the menu option choose "Account" followed by "Your personal profile". In the "Phone numbers" section you can add and verify your phone number and set it as "Caller ID" by clicking on the radio button next to it.

- When using a Phone number in the SIP configuration of your device, make sure you use the international format and that the same number has been entered in the Phone number section of the Settings page and has been verified

If you set the Caller ID correctly and the receiver does not see a Caller ID or a different one, it could be due to the fact that other carriers we use to connect our calls through, do not transfer it correctly. Unfortunately we cannot always prevent this from happening. However, should you often experience the same problems, please click on the contact button below and fill out a customer service ticket form as detailed as possible; with this information our technical staff can trace the call and take measures to prevent future problems. Thank you for helping us to improve our connections!


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