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Prevent problems with security


Change password
It is wise to change your password for security reasons regularly. To do so, just go to the 'my account' area by logging in. Then choose the 'Settings' tab. You will find the password change option on the bottom of the page.

In order to prevent your account from being compromised, please make sure you choose a password which is easy for you to remember without being obvious for someone else to guess. Whenever using a shared computer do not forgot to always logout from your email or VoIP account!

- Do not include your username in your password
- Include a variety of characters, such as punctuation marks, numbers, and mix capital and lowercase letters
- Periodically change your password
- Make sure your operating system has the latest updates
- Never reply to a mail asking for your password
- Make your password at least six or more characters long
- Don’t use the same password for different services or sites

If you have any questions about the security of your account, please click the contact button below to create a customer service ticket.

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